Have your favorite Character at your next Birthday Party!

We offer some of the best characters in all of Kyle, Texas and pride ourselves on giving your child a memorable birthday. When our hero makes a grand entrance,  be prepared to be amazed and see an action packed dual.  Some of our heroes do flips, So have your cameras ready as the children’s eyes light up!

Once the party begins your hero will either fight their evil villain or teach your kids superhero moves on saving the day.  Each party package is different and will be catered to your individual party depending on space available, indoor/outdoor and amount of children (sometimes we add special surprises!).

After the show our heroes (or villains) will move on to several different activities, photo opportunities, a gift for the birthday child and lots more. Remember, heroes aren’t just for boys! You can have an equally fun action packed girl party or superhero girl party.

So let Superhero for hire give your child the party of a LIFETIME. Choose your favorite character to appear at your party or event!  From Batman to Wonder Woman  we have them all.  Hope to hear from you soon!